Power Battery Grip - Cartridges

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Net weight: 93g

Dimensions: 86.5mm*34mm, handle pole length is 24mm.

Output interface: RCA interface

Input interface: type-c interface (USB-C)

Product parameter::

1. Material quality: aluminum alloy;

2. Color: black;

3. Needle out: Adjustable;

4. Gear position: adjustable voltage gear position 5-12V, long press 0.5V to adjust, short press 0.1V to adjust;

5. Display: high-definition LCD screen display (voltage-power-working time);

6. Applicable: Cheyenne card needle port size, suitable for most integrated needles on the market;

7. Battery capacity: 1800mA (milliampere);

8. Working voltage: 5-12V;

9. Charging time: fast charge, can be fully charged in 1.5-2 hours without electricity;

10. Use time: the output current is 2.0A, under the condition of normal 8V voltage work, it can work continuously for more than 4 hours, the voltage is stable, and the intermittent use can be about 5-6 hours;

11. Starting voltage: memory function, restore the last closed voltage after starting; 


1 x Wireless Tattoo cartridge grip

3 x Needle bar (85mm/90mm/95mm)

Operate :

1. Power on : Press & hold the middle "o"key for 5 seconds, and then press and hold 5 seconds to power off ;

2. Pause : Press the "o" key for a short time to suspend work, and then press to resume work;

3. Adjust the voltage : press the “+”or“-”key to adjust voltage, short press adjust 0.1V each time, and long press adjust 0.5V;

4. Battery display : LCD display votalge,working time, battery level.

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